My name's Francesca Stangoni and I was born in Naples - Italy, where I graduated at the Oriental University Institute in Napoli (It), specializing in Chinese language and culture.

In 2000 I moved to the Marche region (center of Italy) where I currently live, I work in a private company, leader in the telecommunications.

I have a solid experience in Theatre and Acting: I organized, wrote and directed musical involving artists from different genres: pop, oriental, lyrics, storytelling, acting, aerial fabrics, percussion, rock and classical music

During the Covid 19 pandemy, I started writing Movie scripts, screenplay and pitches for the Movie market

In 2020, I wrote, played and directed, my first short movie called PROVE DI POTERE (Evidence of Power) which  won several national and international Film Festivals.

In April 2021 I played and directed my second short movie called IL SOGNO DI KOFI (Kofi's dream), an emotional video documentary talking about the hopeless journey of an African refugee.

In March 2022 I edited and directed a new short documentary called GUERRA & PACE (war & Peace), based on the Syrian conflict and on a real interview of a Kurdish Refugee.

In August 2023: I directed and played a new romance short movie called SHERAZADE where I play the role of a mysterious woman, previously involved in the drug and prostitution racket around Europe.

In Mrch 2024 I directed and edited a new romance and animated prject called LE STREGHE DI WICKLOW, where I play the role (as Voice over) of an old and bizarre witch leaving alone in the forest of the beautiful Irish country.

I am currently working on a new video story which is exploiting the potential of Artificial Intelligence, with animated images joined by original human voices in order to tell a story of love & madness, entitled LULLABY LIE


I’m the Ceo of a company called DUBLINE STUDIO (  which represent a meeting point between Production and Distribution. In particular, along with my business partners, we realize multimedia contents (Short movie, Documentaries, Voice over, Workshop, Stage etc.) for the Film Market and the Audiovisal market audience.


You can see and share my professional artistic profile here:


I define myself… a Volcano of Ideas, in constant evolution, Thanks for your attention

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